Part I: Tim Wise Meets the Buzz Saw Called Black Twitter

The comparison between President Obama and George Zimmerman is to say that President Obama is a killer who profiles and stalks his victims. This is one of the latest vilifications of the President by the left-wing media. They allege that he profiled American traitor Anwar Al-Awlaki because he was a Muslim, and then killed him with an armed drone. The intentional ignorance of the facts surrounding the attack  by those who make this claim is absurd, but it also reaches a level of vitriol we haven't seen before now.

I can't even begin to explain how offensive this analogy is and how insensitive those making it are. During a time that the African-American community is grieving the loss of Trayvon Martin making this comparison is simply wrong. If this is their comparison, then by definition, not only is President Obama a murderer,  but Al-Awlaki is a martyr as surely as Trayvon Martin is.

Not only does the comparison show these left-wing pundits to be heartless as well as soulless,  but these comments highlight a level of narcissism that is breathtaking to behold. However, it is not altogether surprising since zealots so frequently demonstrate the qualities of narcissism. By that I mean, they believe in their cause so fervently that they are tone deaf to the opinions, causes, and even distress of others. Any dissenting opinion or questioning of the zealot's belief is met with derision and often cruelty. In particular I'm addressing tweets made by Tim Wise and political journalist David Sirota (his own description)* with one caveat. I've never seen Wise indulge in the childish behavior that is the hallmark of Sirota on twitter.

I assume Tim Wise has made comfortable living off educating white people on their own racism, which is not to say what he has written or spoken of in speeches and discussions is not worthwhile. However, in an ironic display of white privilege, Mr. Wise has joined forces with David Sirota by echoing his contention that President Obama can easily be compared to George Zimmerman as one who profiles people and then kills them.  What's astonishing about Wise's claim is that it comes from a white man who earns a living off his and others' belief that he understands the African American community.  In fact, his status, an open-minded white man, bestows upon him the privilege to address the racism in other whites. His contention that President Obama is like George Zimmerman undercuts his status as the enlightened educator of white bigots and racists because it shows an insensitivity to the African-American community, great disrespect for the President, and derision toward the President's supporters. His contention raises a couple of ugly stereotypes--black man as thug and African-Americans as robotic followers, comparisons frequently made by the right wing.

For example, Wise, who has long denounced the use of drones, tweeted a warning to those who support President Obama that they are less than credible if they try to defend the President's drone policy. Of course, this definitive statement effectively shuts down any debate with him over the use of drones. Whether Wise likes it or not, there is an argument for the use of drones. He, and I, for that matter, may not agree with it, but it deserves a hearing and debate. That would seem to be a more constructive approach to take rather than to tell the opposition "shut up, idiots."

Wise's stance is not dissimilar to those liberals who adopted the hash tag of "Stand with Rand," a man who is not only blatantly racist but holds views that are an anathema to liberals. By supporting David Sirota, whom I believe to have an unquenchable hate for President Obama, it is nothing short of endorsing Sirota's race baiting. In my view Tim Wise's comments about President Obama's use of drones and the comparison to George Zimmerman undermine anything he has written or said before. It demonstrates that his "drone zealotry" has nullified rational thinking in one who has been able to approach the topic of racism among whites effectively.

Wise exemplifies the piety that so many zealots adopt, a self-righteous view that prohibits any kind of rational discussion about the topic.  Wise, like so many on the far left,  simply dismisses those who
support President Obama. Maybe he hasn't used the word "Obamabot," the term that conveys the President's supporters as so-called mindless, brainwashed, ignorant followers, but that message is just beneath the surface of his tweets regarding drones; therefore, his opinions are worthless to me. Needless to say, I won't be reading Tim Wise's words any longer, not because I'm calling for a boycott. In my opinion, the underlying honesty and trustworthiness in his words were wiped away when Wise betrayed the very community he purportedly understands and supports.

In last month's dust up between Wise and what has now become known as Black Twitter, tweeps castigated Wise for his support of Sirota's comparison of George Zimmerman and President Obama.

Although he claims to be a warrior against racism and violence, his words do not reflect his concern about racism. In fact, the zeal with which he attacks President Obama belies a belief that so many white men have about an educated, intellectual, well-spoken Black man. No matter if a black man he has those qualities, he still needs a white man to help him lead.

Mr. Wise, check yourself first.

Author's Note: Obviously I wrote this weeks ago but didn't post it. Much thanks to my twitter buddies @Butterose, @bron_two and @Beulahmo for encouraging me to go for it.

Heartfelt thank you to @ribletsonthepan, whose words sparked this post.

*Part II: The Unbearable Lightness of Being David Sirota. (Coming soon)
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  1. Absolutely perfect. And I agree 100%.

    Looking forward to the next one.

    And in Twitter I am Butterose. LOL

  2. Among all others, Sirota is the worst. Fact is, Sirota used to work for AIPAC. If he thought that Obama loved drones too much (he doesn't), there is no doubt that the nation of Israel, whom AIPAC exists to support, REALLY LOVES THOSE DRONES. Therefore Sirota once worked for an organization of dubious principles.

    I don't understand the vitriol against the President. I don't always agree with him, but when I do disagree, I don't use inflammatory language. It seems to me that white guys, from Sirota on the left, Ted Cruz on the right, and Chuck Todd, are violently jealous of the President, because he is occupying a space, the White House, that they or one of their brothers should be occupying.

    Obama derangement syndrome isn't always a white thing either. It *could* be just a "guy" thing period. When Tavis Smiley and Cornell West call the President a "war criminal," I wonder if it's both anger at not being in the loop with Obama's closest advisers AND male jealousy.

  3. I agree wholeheartedly. Thank you for you comments.

  4. In two words, you're treatise on Mr. Tim Wise, is "Spot on", IMO, Jo! You, I believe, have exposed the motivation behind the well-crafted persona/mask of Mr. Tim Wise. Sadly, what I believe you've uncovered is his sub-conscious white supremacy mentality, impersonating white advocacy & white empathy for the AA community. This subtle ego-centric malady displayed by Mr. Wiseiswhite superiority", White supremacy's 1st cousin. Deep down they are very much of the same nature/family, they just don't like to be acknowledged as being cut from the same essential spiritual-origin, which is egotism/white supremacy. This seems to be at the root of Mr. Wise's TRUE BELIEF SYSTEM, despite what he may say consciously. It's the same ugly energy that does always manifest [ultimately], in the distinguishing characteristics of superiority, domination & control. Those are the hallmark-traits of RACISM, and RACISM, I dub in my moral-universe: The "First Begotten Child Of HATE"! Thanks Jo, for unmasking this deceptively subversive consciousness.

    In fairness to Mr. Wise, I do think that he sincerely means well. In other words, I believe that much of the mindset/consciousness, that compels Mr. Wise's Obama-animus, is actully, the subconscious remnants of a past mentality or life (depends on your religious belief or lack thereof) which philosophical view you adopt. Simply put, a part of Mr. Wise appears to be DEEPLY racist in particular instances (like when sharply judging Pres. Obama on drones). But a part of him is truly altruistic -(exemplified in his "defense" of AA's as activist). A real psychological dichotomy. That being said, the end of the matter is always the same for him: I'm the superior one here! I'm in control! I know more than you other idiot's [which includes that AA-president, bless his heart] cause I'm white & superior. Sadly, it always gets back to that evil core belief for his type, no matter what his agenda does seem to be.


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