Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Zimmerman

There will be a day, probably in the near future, where Stand Your Ground Against An Unarmed Youth hero George Zimmerman will kill another person. 

Since his acquittal of murdering Trayvon Martin, Zimmerman can't get out of his own way. For a while I wondered why? How could his continuing run ins with the law or playing good Samaritan constantly make the news? I suppose if you're minding your own business, you wouldn't constantly be in the spotlight. But if you're looking for trouble, trouble will find you.
"'He punched my dad in the nose my dad has a mark on the nose. I saw his glasses were on the floor,' Shellie Zimmerman said in the call. 'He then accosted my father then took my iPad out of my hands. He then smashed it and cut it with a pocketknife, and there is a Lake Mary city worker across the street that I believe saw all of it.' 
Shellie Zimmerman tells her father on the call to get behind a car. 'I don't know if he's going to start shooting at us or something,' she says in the call.

She said her father 'feels like he's going to have a heart attack.' She requested medical attention for her father, saying it looked as though his nose may be broken. 
'I don't know what he's capable of,' Shellie Zimmerman said in the call. 'I'm really scared.' 
Lake Mary police spokesman Zach Hudson tells the station police are 'trying to determine what exactly happened.'

No arrests have been made. The estranged husband and wife are blaming each other for starting the fight, police said, though Shellie Zimmerman has said she won't press charges." 
Shellie Zimmerman has said her husband has become arrogant and felt invincible since his acquittal, and has filed for divorce. She called 911 because she felt threatened by him, said Zimmerman punched her father and that he threatened them with a gun. But she's not pressing charges and she's backed off her initial 911 statements.

Who knows if she was being honest, overreacting due to an argument, or has Battered Wife Syndrome. But whatever the case, I have no doubt that George Zimmerman will continue to have "run ins" and confrontations. And I have no doubt he will kill again. He is a loose cannon and, providing his next victim is white, maybe justice will be served.


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