George Will: Climate Change Denier

Reason #37 to dismiss George Will as a conservative "intellectual": The jury is still out on climate change according to Will. And the only reason the "climate alarmism" trojan horse exists is for liberals and progressives to control your lives.

In his latest screed, Will begins by once again bringing up the Recovery and Reinvestment Act (the stimulus) and claims that it was just a handout to "unionized, dues-paying, Democratic voting government employees." Never mind that a full third of stimulus funds were in the form of tax cuts to everyone (yes, even the 89% of non-union employees of the United States) and another third was in the form of tax incentives for individuals and companies (yes, even non-unionized individuals and companies).

And now, according to Will, President Barack Obama and like minded liberals are fear mongering about climate change in order to control our lives!
"Climate alarmism validates the progressive impulse to micromanage others’ lives — their light bulbs, shower heads, toilets, appliances, automobiles, etc."
Well, I suppose controlling people's lives by trying to save money them in utility bills and finding renewable sources of energy are only slightly worse than transvanginal ultrasounds and denying constitutionally protected rights by legislating abortion clinics away.

Will uses his own trojan horse to deny climate change because, hey, it's always been changing.
"Obama is, quite right that climate change is a fact. The climate is always changing: It is not what it was during the Medieval Warm Period (ninth to 13th centuries) or the Little Ice Age (about 1500-1850)."
Hmmm… 1850. Just about the time of the end of the Industrial Revolution and subsequent population explosion. I'm sure those events have not contributed to the climate crisis we find ourselves in, right?

And why do those dreaded liberals and progressives do it? Because it makes them feel good.
"This illustrates why it is so sublime to be a liberal nowadays. Viewed through the proper prism, most liberal policies succeed because they can hardly fail. Each achieves one or both of two objectives — making liberals feel good about themselves and being good to liberal candidates... 
...conservatives incensed about Obama’s proposed $1 billion “climate resilience fund” — enough for nearly two Solyndra-scale crony-capitalism debacles — should welcome an Obama brainstorm that costs only a single billion. 
Besides, the “resilience” fund will succeed. It will enhance liberals’ self-esteem — planet-saving heroism is not chopped liver — and will energize the climate-alarmist portion of the Democratic base for November’s elections."
Yes, climate change is all just a hoax to sell you energy saving light bulbs and make liberals feel good.


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