Depth of Ignorance in America

The depth of ignorance in this country is breathtaking. One of the greatest contributors of this is FOX & RW talk radio. 
*If you think the deficit has grown instead of being cut in half
*If you think Pres Obama closed the WWII Memorial
*If you think Obamacare IS the insurance
*If you think the majority of ppl on food stamps are lazy African-Americans
*If you the Red States aren't dependent on the tax dollars from the Blue States 
*If you think the right to own any gun you want supersedes the 1st Amendment
*If you think GOP gives a shit about you
*If you think there is wide-spread voter fraud
*If you think Bush & GOP didn't tank the economy
*If you the GOP represents family values
*If you think unions are destroying the economy
*If you think GOP has done more for vets than Dems
*If you think GOP has passed one jobs bill
*If you think the photo of PBO & staff watching take down of OBL is really the attack on Benghazi 
*If you think Reagan didn't raise taxes or increase the deficit or raise the debt ceiling
*If you think raising the debt limit is anything except paying debts already incurred
*If you think the USA govt is like a household
*If you think households don't run on deficit spending
*If you think PBO can dismantle Obamacare 
*If you think the Dems are responsible for govt shut down
*If you think Obama is a Kenyan socialist fascist communist Marxist Hitler-like Muslim
Then you are not as smart as my 12 yr old granddaughter & you have been brainwashed by FOX & GOP propaganda. 

This is far from a comprehensive list so please contribute.  After a week or so I will add your comments to the post, and you can email the list to all your friends and relatives who are FOX viewers. Just consider it payback for all the bullshit emails they've sent you. DCNM


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