You Cannot Say

My niece @jhw2212 & Jennifer on this blog posted these "rants" on her Facebook page, but I thought they were blog-worthy. I know she speaks for so many of us. DCNM

 "There is no logical reason to say something has to be traded in order to end a furlough. It is unjustifiable for it to be up for compromise. You can't force people into an economic hardship, harm the economy (which you say you are the guardian of), and create global panic, then say the only way to end all of it is for something else to be sacrificed. Willfully harming your own country in order to get something in return is illogical. On every level. There's no reason. There is no sensible, realistic way to say this is a good idea. It even goes against the Republican Party's platform. And it's illogical to say there is a parallel argument that refusing to barter is a factor. You can't ask for something when you are doing everything wrong. It is groundless to imply that a trade-off exists. 

I have been dumbfounded by the Tea Party from the beginning. I have said they aren't laughable. I have said they shouldn't be underestimated. The very people who shout "treason" and insist they arm themselves should a rebellion be necessary, have created this situation. They claim "Don't Tread on Me" is a cry for liberty. Yet they have been treading on everyone else's liberty. This treading, known as a furlough, should be the last straw for Americans. 

It's no longer an option to compare all politicians, it's no longer acceptable to lazily brush off both parties as equal players, it's no longer acceptable to ignore these problems until they go away. 

I'm fucking mad. I'm fucking sick of this. Everyone should be."

And this

"There are some things you CANNOT disagree with. You CANNOT disagree with me about my gender or that the earth is round or that the sun is hot. "I disagree" is NOT a valid part of a conversation when disagreeing is rejection of fact. Differing "opinions" is insufferable when "opinions" or "disagreements" are passive aggressive ways of not wanting to be bear reality. It's a throwaway excuse to avoid enduring fact. I refuse to accept "I disagree" as a sustainable position anymore. You CANNOT refuse fact because you don't like that Barack Obama is right."

And this comment she made on a thread

"People can be the nicest people in the world and still be harmful in other ways. As a society, it isn't enough to just be good for a family. I have no idea what transpired elsewhere, but I do know it's time for some Americans to stop being so stubborn and accept that one faction of our political system is causing hardship for the rest of us. Even smart people are contributing to the problem. Even smart people willingly give in to the deception perpetuated on the country. Even smart, kind people have been manipulated into thinking their own opinions are equivalent to reality.

I know smart, good people who have done nothing to accept true responsibility or accept fact. I don't know if it's solely stubbornness or fear or something else. I, personally, have always identified those who are smart and those who are ignorant. And the smart people are the ones who bother me the most."


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