Listen Up You Old Bitter White Men!

My liberal husband is always arguing with some of his old conservative frat brothers on Facebook.  I know this may be difficult to believe, but I never join in the debates.  But today I just couldn't stay quiet any longer.  My reply follows:

Okay now listen up.

1.      ACA is based on similar proposal from the Heritage Foundation.

2.      The GOP has been sabotaging their own plan from the day Pres. Obama presented it.

3.      House refused to fund the website as it should’ve been & continued to do so even when bipartisan members of health care reform committee requested more money.  Here is one of many differences between Dems and GOP~ Although Dems opposed Medicare Part D because it was a big Pharma giveaway, they pitched in to help the dumbass republicans who fucked up the roll out.  And before you claim ACA is bad, remember that GOP said same thing about Social Security & Medicare.

4.      You act as if insurance companies never cancelled policies before Obamacare.  Ha.  Insurance companies had three years to comply with health care reforms.  THREE YEARS.  Spare me the crocodile tears.  BCBS refused to cover the $60000 cost of my cancer treatment after preapproving it.  Even though I had the preeminent urologist in the US as my doctor, BCBS said the procedure was experimental, and when that was proven incorrect, company said doctor hadn’t published enough articles, a totally arbitrary number. The week before my surgery, my doctor led an international conference at the Mayo Clinic on the treatment of kidney cancer.

5.      Maybe your children don’t have pre-existing conditions like my adult daughters, who couldn’t get any policy, not just an affordable policy, but NO policy.  So spare me the bitching.  My kids can now get insurance.

6.        And let me remind you, the fed website wasn’t designed to handle the amount of traffic it got because states were supposed to set up their own exchanges, but the red state governors refused to do so.  And why did they deprive their own constituents of badly needed health insurance? Because old white men don’t like a black man in the White House.

7.      In the end Obamacare and the website will work and millions will get health insurance for the first time and millions of others will finally get affordable insurance.  Wait for it. And people will remember the GOP obstruction. 

Here is the unvarnished truth.  We are sick of the racism, misogyny,   the callousness, the obstruction, the assault on civil rights.  What a sorry ass legacy for the GOP.  This is not the GOP of Gerald Ford or Everett Dirkson or Ike.  No, this is the party of Sarah Palin, Ted Cruze, John Boner, and Michelle Bachman.  Louie Gohmert and Steve King.  And you have the balls to criticize Pres. Obama?

It may not be the next election or even the one after that, but people of color will continue to flex their muscles and old bitter white men will be toast.  Now, as I see it, you have two choices, keep trying to hang onto power, or join the rest of America and get stuff done for the country.  You know like passing a jobs and infrastructure bills, immigration reform, tax reform, sensible gun control laws and on and on.  The fact is Pres. Obama saved our asses and did it without any GOP help.  So zip it and count the money your stock investments have made for you~thanks to the President.


  1. The most frustrating thing about this whole issue is the fact that all of the focus is on a crappy website rollout and the 1.3% of people this is actually effecting. No mention of millions who are eligible for Medicaid, no lifetime caps, no cancellation of coverage if you get sick, refunds of your premiums if 80% of them aren't spent on actual health care, no denial due to pre-existing conditions and so on and so on.

    Don't get me wrong, yes, it needs fixing, but what piece of MAJOR legislation didn't? If GOP governors were more concerned about their constituents instead of flinging shit like the monkeys they are, every state could have started off their health care coverage as successfully as Kentucky. KENTUCKY OF ALL PLACES!


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