One Person's Experience with ACA

My friend Felice shared her experience with the California health insurance exchange on her Facebook page. She permitted me to post it here because I thought this wonderful experience needed a bigger audience.  Thank you, Felice!
Here ya go: 
So here is my experience with the ACA: I went to the website to sign up for health insurance coverage. I filled out the info and was directed to the California site for the ACA, called Covered California. That site informed me that since the ACA came into effect, California expanded Medicaid coverage and I was eligible. 
I signed up for MediCal (online) a week ago. On Monday I was mailed an appointment at the DPSS about 2 miles from my home. I went there today. 
My appointment was at 11am and I was seen within 10 minutes. A nice lady took down my information, entered it into the ACA site, which took about 20 minutes. At that point she told me I now had MediCal coverage starting January 1, 2014. However, Los Angeles County had coverage for me immediately, until my MediCal kicked in. Also, I got another appointment with someone to go over all my various MedCal options--I had no idea there WERE any options, so that was nice. 
Exactly one half hour after I walked in the door, the nice lady hugged me and I had free medical coverage. What a "nightmare," huh? Damn gubment! 
UPDATE: As you may know, the ACA doesn't go into full implementation until January 1st, so I won't be covered by MediCal expansion until then, which fortunately is no big deal--only a few weeks. But they called me to apologize for that! Then yesterday, I got a letter in the mail From LA Country saying they want to cover my health care with some matching funds called Healthy Way L.A. And I didn't even ask!


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