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A Child Dies in Poverty: Mother Can't Afford Funeral

Dear Friends, My friend Nancy's (@planetscape) friend Nicole just lost her sweet little boy. Nicole, who also has serious health issues, barely scrapes by, frequently with Nancy's help. The other tragedy in this story is that Nicole doesn't have the money to pay for her beloved son's funeral. Please let's join together and do what we can to relieve Nicole of this burden. Obituary The following is a letter Nancy wrote to her friends at PerlMonks, a forum for programmers. I am deeply saddened to report that David, [koolgirl]'s 6-year old son, has passed away suddenly and unexpectedly from pediatric myocarditis caused by coronavirus infection. David was the sweetest child you will ever have the privilege to know. He was bright, funny, cheerful, autistic, and loved animals, especially his beloved dog, Gizzy, who passed late last year. He loved pirates, riding his brand-new bike that Santa brought, and Di

Email Smears - Debunking the Idiocy Yet Again

Every once in a while, I'll come across an email that accuses President Obama, his administration or even Michelle Obama of some malfeasance because you know, he's an illegitimate, Kenyan born, Socialist, Marxist, Manchurian candidate Antichrist hell bent on destroying the United States from within, and she's an angry black woman who dares to question if America's kids are getting enough exercise and not eating enough healthy foods, and you can't trust those uppity negroes for a second or some such nonsense. A friend told me he had received an email about the First Lady and was wondering about its legitimacy. I told him that if it had anything to do with Michelle Obama it was probably a bunch of bullshit, but if he'd like to forward it to me I would gladly research it so he could then shove it up the ass of whoever sent it to him - in this case, his uncle. You gotta love family. So, here's the email: "I guess we can just add this little tidbit to

Chris Christie: "I am not a bully."

Uh-huh. By the way, at the 3:00 mark, Christie is railing about losing out on a $400 million Race To the Top federal education grant because there was missing information on a months long application that he forced his staff to redo over a Memorial Day weekend because he didn't like that it favored the Teachers Union. When they blew it, he tried to blame the Obama administration on not letting them know about the missing info. Passing the buck. It turns out that they actually WERE informed and had two weeks to comply, and didn't. Christie then threw his Education Secretary under the bus . Passing the buck. Funny, I don't remember Christie apologizing to anyone in the Obama administration after accusing them of his screw up.