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Yelling Is Not Governance, Senator Warren

I've never seen a Democrat fundraise off a sitting President before, especially one who has distorted facts as blatantly and dishonestly as Warren has. Just mind boggling to me especially since congress is continually being briefed and given summaries. Then when pressed Warren admits she has seen summaries, but she can't talk about it. Really? All she's been doing is talking about it. And yet people are quoting her, saying no one can talk about it. How can you miss the irony? This is what makes want a cigarette. Liberals accuse conservatives of being averse to facts, but then they go off deep end whenever one of our own prophets of doom starts fear mongering. If Warren or Sanders says it, it must be true so why do any research. Sanders has been dead wrong plenty of times, but liberals still light their hair on fire and each other's hair on fire every time he tells us the sky is falling. This is the same crowd, mostly white, who is declaring AG Holder didn't ac