Yelling Is Not Governance, Senator Warren

I've never seen a Democrat fundraise off a sitting President before, especially one who has distorted facts as blatantly and dishonestly as Warren has. Just mind boggling to me especially since congress is continually being briefed and given summaries. Then when pressed Warren admits she has seen summaries, but she can't talk about it. Really? All she's been doing is talking about it. And yet people are quoting her, saying no one can talk about it. How can you miss the irony?

This is what makes want a cigarette. Liberals accuse conservatives of being averse to facts, but then they go off deep end whenever one of our own prophets of doom starts fear mongering. If Warren or Sanders says it, it must be true so why do any research. Sanders has been dead wrong plenty of times, but liberals still light their hair on fire and each other's hair on fire every time he tells us the sky is falling.

This is the same crowd, mostly white, who is declaring AG Holder didn't accomplish anything because no bankers are in jail. Evidently, rebuilding the DOJ from the ground up is nothing. Rebuilding a completely dismantled civil rights division is nothing. Getting record-breaking settlements from financial institutions is nothing. You get the idea? In white unicorn fantasyland fighting for the civil rights of minorities is nothing. And doing it while being vilified by the Congress of the United States is nothing. So thanks for nothing, Eric Holder. And take your do nothing buddy, Barrack Obama with you.

You know the guy who can't be trusted to tell us the truth. The guy who is always caving but isn't really. The guy Bernie Sanders repeatedly told to grow a backbone. You know, Bernie, the guy who voted to keep Gitmo open, but when liberals scream, "it's Obama's fault!" doesn't have the balls to defend the President.  Yeah, that guy. Bernie, the guy who told us Pres. Obama was going to destroy SS and ya'll lit your hair on fire. But some of us just waited patiently, blocking out the cacophony, for the outcome because we knew PBO was just messing with Boehner. Remember when after one negotiation, which was in secret by the way, Boehner crowed "we got 98% of what we wanted," and newspapers declared OBAMA GOT ROLLED! Remember? But wait. A few days later Boehner was blubbering furiously that "we won't get rolled again." And another of your heroes Cenk was belittling and vilifying the President. But then the truth came out and let me refresh that truth for you. When PBO first took office, he had auditors go through all the programs and budgets to find programs that were duplicates or wasteful and unproductive. Those were the programs that were cut during the negotiations. It took Boehner a few days to realize he'd been had, but by then he already looked like the fool he is. But a lot of liberals looked like idiots too, especially the ones with scorched hair.

So again for the fortieth millionth time, ya'll are going at it again. Twitter and Facebook are buried in a heavy cloud of smoke and the stench of burning hair is strong. Occasionally one does get a glimpse of glitter poop from a free range unicorn. And those of us who are asking for calm, rational thinking are called Obamabots and derided for being a blind follower. Hello pot to kettle, come in pot.

Here's the deal. Bloggers at The People's View, The Daily Banter, The Obama Diary, as well as others have painstakingly pointed out the distortions from the Warren/Sanders camp. They've been doing some pretty solid research around TPA & TPP. The summary, which is actually 39 pages, is on the Internet for anyone to access. Warren says it's been conducted in top secret, but Congress has been briefed 1700 times. There will be a lengthy review process for both Congress and the public. And by the way, most negotiations are conducted in secret from Iran deal to union contracts.

But hell no, you who are thinking with your emotions can't wait for the facts. That would be the rational thing to do, but you don't belong to the rational, thinking wing of the party. Nope. You're in love with a freshman senate who has produced very little of substance since being elected. You're so in love with her that you want her to be your President without knowing what her foreign policy would be, or how she would tackle any of the enormous problems we face. You don't even know if she's going to be a good senator. So far all she's proven is she can yell at bankers and while it may make you feel good, that is not governance.


  1. I agree with you on this, I'm too old for unicorns and I certainly don't believe in prophets or Messiah's. In many ways Bernie Sanders is every bit as flawed as the Hillary Clinton he's compared to.


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