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George Will: Climate Change Denier

Reason #37 to dismiss George Will as a conservative "intellectual": The jury is still out on climate change according to Will . And the only reason the "climate alarmism" trojan horse exists is for liberals and progressives to control your lives. In his latest screed, Will begins by once again bringing up the Recovery and Reinvestment Act (the stimulus) and claims that it was just a handout to "unionized, dues-paying, Democratic voting government employees." Never mind that a full third of stimulus funds were in the form of tax cuts to everyone ( yes, even the 89% of non-union employees of the United States ) and another third was in the form of tax incentives for individuals and companies (yes, even non-unionized individuals and companies). And now, according to Will, President Barack Obama and like minded liberals are fear mongering about climate change in order to control our lives! "Climate alarmism validates the progressive impulse to mi