Dedicated to @Politixfireball and @NMPolJournal

Hello. My name is JoPat Wellman aka Maria Meanmuthafukah, @desertcronenm, and currently@jaypeaXX on twitter. I am a 67-year-old wife of 44 years, mother of two, and grandmother of four. As long as I've been interested in politics (at least 50 years), I've been a liberal--not a scared, wimpy liberal but an in-your-face-I-don't-care-if-you-like-it liberal. In 1972 I proudly voted in my first presidential election at the age of 24 for George McGovern. Back in those days I admired many Republicans, Everett Dirkson, Gerald Ford, Bob Dole, and of course, Dwight D. Eisenhower. I liked them because I sensed they cared about America but more importantly, Americans. I eventually graduated with B.A. and M.A. degrees in English, married the love of my life, and became a junior and senior high teacher and college instructor. We raised two daughters with the same liberal values we have.  I was born in Albuquerque and raised in New Mexico, the third of five generations to be born and remain in New Mexico. My grandmother was born in a dugout on the NM ranch my great grandparents homesteaded. I'm proud of my heritage and the tough, strong women I come from.

I grew up in a liberal home, one where racial epithets were forbidden and people were not judged by race, culture, or ethnicity.  I watched in horror and anguish as the civil rights marches and protests of the 1960's unfolded on our television. In 1961 I rode a Greyhound bus with my grandmother to Shreveport, LA to see her sister, and it was there I saw the systemic racism that ran through America at the time--colored restrooms and drinking fountains in the department stores and segregated seating in restaurants. I was only 13 then, but I knew something was terribly wrong. When I got home, my parents educated me about racism and oppression in America. It is that background that shaped who I am and became ingrained in my soul.

There has always been a fire smoldering in my heart at the profound injustices in this country. During my years in college and career as a teacher those embers exploded into flames of fury at injustices, whether against me or my students. I certainly faced plenty of sexist treatment, both financial and professional. I saw my minority and poor students discriminated against with unfair policies and bigoted administrators and teachers. During those times I often raged against administrators and school boards. I led protests and work slow downs on behalf of students and teachers. I was not shy about speaking truth to power. And I often suffered for it, but I was not to be deterred. I left more than one position because I refused to sell my soul for a job.

After I retired I ran and won a position on a school board where I continued to fight for the disadvantaged and oppressed students. I was not popular. I served on various boards that oversaw services to victimized children and the mentally ill. I give both time and money to local charities, and I've always been involved in politics.

By now you may be thinking so what and I wouldn't blame you. But there is a reason I'm putting myself out there. I am not giving my enemies any ammunition or allowing them to define me.

When Anthony Weiner was tweeting his junk, he did so under the name of Carlos Danger. To mock him several of my twitter buddies changed their names to Emilio Peril and Rodney Danger to name two of many clever handles. Although I didn't see any women changing their names, I wanted to join in and change mine. I became Maria Meanmuthafukah. I loved Maria, my alter ego. She could get away with all kinds of obnoxious behaviors and tweeps loved her, especially since they knew the grandmother behind her creation. She was an outlet for the intense anger I often felt, and she sometimes spewed vitriol I would never use in "real life." There were even times I was scolded by long time tweeps for engaging in battles with right wingers.

Twitter has been the perfect vehicle for the rage I feel. The rage against Republicans whom I loathe, the rage over the injustices against people of color, women, and children. I am sick of the fucking evil that floats above and permeates every aspect of American life. My mistake on twitter was giving out too much information about myself and my family. I let the joy and pride in my grandkids cloud my judgment. I became vulnerable.

So the other day when an idiot tweeted delight in our rail system being cut simply because it was Bill Richardson's idea, I was enraged. I called him a stupid fuck because he is. I am enraged that Republicans are hell bent in destroying any progress we are making because it's made under the leadership of Barrack Obama. Here was a clown thrilled because a progressive idea was coming to an end because our former governor was the creator. Then @Politixfireball jumped into the thread, and I called her the racist piece of shit she is. But then I did something dumb.  I challenged her to out me because she has a history of doing that. I knew she was fanatical about outing @AngryNMTeacher to the point of targeting and harassing the wrong teacher.

Politixfireball and NMPolJournal  didn't waste time outing me on twitter and Facebook, including tweeting pictures of my grandkids. I admit I panicked, afraid for my family and what damage these sick people could or would do to them. I closed my twitter account and my Facebook page. I opened a new twitter account and started rebuilding my twitter life. Then today I realized no one is going to intimidate me. My life is here in this state--five generations of my life. I have devoted my life to the children of this state, some of the poorest in the country. I will not let sick creeps silence me--not some former state senator from Hagerman, NM, a town of less than 1200 residents, who believes Pres. Obama is ushering Sharia Law into our lives, or some New Mexico GOP operative who thinks Pres. Obama is a modern day Hitler or jokes that during the Holocaust "Jews went up in smoke." No way.

So you can bring it, Rebekah Stevens or @politixfireball or Rod Adair @NMPolJournal. You are despicable trash only worthy of loathing. You have never performed one noble act in your lives. In fact, you work to destroy lives.  You represent the worst this country has to offer, but you are soon to be an anachronism, an extinct species. And you know why? Because you are devoid of any humanity, compassion or empathy. You hide behind the Cross of Christianity, but you act out the most despicable behaviors in the Old Testament. You are an anathema to the ideals of this country;you are the caretakers of the worst, most evil behaviors throughout the history of America.

Maybe not the next election or the one after that, but in the near future your kind will be powerless. You will be reduced to impotent, powerless shadows, whimpering and whining and groveling. And I can hardly wait to see your political destruction.


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