Stop Tolerating Racism

To my Twitter & Facebook friends.

If you're posting kitty & puppy videos instead of denouncing racism & your racist friends & family on Facebook, you're no better. If you don't have the guts to stand up to racists around you, you are a pathetic enabler of the hate in this country. If you support a Republican then you support  systemic racism & the oppression of People of Color. If you deny that, I call bullshit on you. And I'll call you worse.

 Shame on you for enabling the ugly hate in this country. If you say you want your country back, fuck you. This hate you see is your fucking country. And don't you dare say Pres Obama is divisive. No, it's you! You are divisive because you allow the hate to grow & you look the other way. Then you preach God's love & Jesus this and that. Fuck you. Just fuck you.

If I've offended you, you need to be offended.  You offend me.


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